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Available Shows

  • Friends of The Cycling Podcast

    Thank you for becoming a Friend of the Podcast. We release at least 11 feature-length episodes each year, which works out at about £1.36 per show – about the price of half a cup of afternoon caramel moccacino topped with whipped cream. Enjoy the podcasts! Richard, Lionel and Daniel

  • Kilometre 0 by The Cycling Podcast

    Kilometre 0 is the official start, after the départ fictif, for each day’s stage of the Tour de France. It is also a show from The Cycling Podcast, taking listeners behind the scenes at the three Grand Tours. Join journalists Richard Moore, Lionel Birnie and Daniel Friebe along with François Thomazeau and Orla Chennaoui as they tell the untold stories of the Giro d'Italia, Tour de France and Vuelta a España. Tune in for tales from the World Cup of Tiramisù to the lofty heights of the Angliru and everything in between.


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How does becoming a Friend support The Cycling Podcast?

By becoming a Friend of the Podcast you will be supporting us in a number of important ways. You’ll be helping us to keep the regular podcast and all our spin-off shows free while enabling us to provide daily coverage of the three grand tours.

In exchange for your support you will gain access to our Friends of the Podcast feed, meaning you can listen to more than 20 episodes straight away. Plus you’ll get access to our Kilometre 0 archive.

In 2021, we will produce at least 11 new feature-length episodes exclusively for Friends of the Podcast.

If you choose to pay a little more, you'll also receive a free gift. Good Friends of the Podcast (£50 per year) will have a choice between our new Friends of the Podcast tea towel or casquette, while Best Friends of the Podcast (£100 per year) will receive both.

What episodes can I listen to with my subscription?

When we launched our new improved Friends of the Podcast platform in December 2019 it meant we switched to a Netflix-style system meaning that as soon as you sign up you can listen to all the episodes on the Friends of the Podcast playlist straight away.

That means you will have access to all of 2020's Friends of the Podcast special episodes plus some of our favourites from the back catalogue.

In 2021, we will make at least 11 new Friends of the Podcast episodes and we'll continue to add the most popular ones from our archive.

A Friends of the Podcast subscription also gives you access to our Kilometre 0 archive of more than 100 episodes made at the Grand Tours between 2015 and 2019.

For the fifth year in a row we have frozen the price of the basic Friends of the Podcast subscription at £15. While each episode may cost only a few pence to listen to your contribution is invaluable to us.

Richard, Lionel, Daniel and The Cycling Podcast team

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